Video: “Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: When Destiny Meets Greatness”

Heading into Tuesday’s matchup between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers, 63 points is all that stands between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. While Nike Basketball has already announced it will be releasing a special edition sneaker to commemorate the Mamba passing Jordan’s scoring mark once he hits number 32,293, the NBA is also getting in on the hype.

The NBA recently released a video revealing a brief overview of the history and the relationship between the two legendary shooting guards entitled, “Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: When Destiny Meets Greatness.” From their first on-court meeting in 1996 to their incredible battles in the All-Star Game, endless talk and debate surrounding the parallels, comparisons and differences between the two has existed and has created a major impact within the basketball community.

Regardless of your position in the MJ/Kobe debate, the similarities between the two world champions are strikingly obvious and borderline eerie at times. Jordan and Bryant are the centerpieces of a dying breed in the NBA, especially when it comes to the ultra-competiveness, mindset and focus that intertwine the two greats.

A young Bryant studied “big brother” Jordan and his masterful game to evolve and strengthen his own, which is undeniably evident every time Kobe hits the hardwood. Call it legendary; call it greatness; call it destiny. The greatest player to ever play the game (if you ask us) and his closest comparison’s journeys and influence to basketball should be admired and celebrated. Bryant’s inevitable passing of Jordan on the all-time scoring list in the coming days is simply another way to do just that.

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