Video: Learn How To Shoot Like Stephen Curry With I Love Basketball TV

Stephen Curry once tried to teach us to shoot. We didn’t fare very well, but Coach Rocky of I Love Basketball TV can do a better job than we did during our hour with Steph. If you want to get your shot off in traffic while on the bounce, or before that incoming defender gets his hand on the ball, this is the video for you. Learn how to shoot like Curry, though not even Coach Rocky can promise you’ll be as accurate as the sniper from Golden State.

Coach Rocky wants to teach his viewers how to get their shot off quickly – a hallmark of the 6-3 Steph, who has perhaps the fastest release in the league. Part of his instruction stems from the fact Curry shoots on his way up, rather than at the apogee of his jump. This is obviously quicker, but Curry also steps into his shot before the ball even arrives.

We’ll let Coach Rocky show you with this excellent shooting drill. First, shoot the ball into the air focusing on releasing the ball as you go up. Then, catch the ball on the bounce and make sure to step into the shot before you catch it before going up for the real shot attempt. This is a great way to practice the fundamentals he’s preaching:

And here’s Steph knocking down three-pointers off the bounce and off the pass:

Let Coach Rocky help you turn into the Steph Curry of your team:


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