Video: Mark Cuban Destroyed Skip Bayless On ESPN’s First Take This Morning

Oof. This was bad. Mark Cuban went on ESPN’s First Take this morning to debate Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless in what promised to be some lively conversation. Cuban is a noted basketball statistician, always plugged in to his team’s goings on and keenly aware of the minutiae of basketball. Stephen A. and Skip, meanwhile, enjoy loud-mouthed blabbering and sweeping generalizations backed up by raised voices as opposed to undeniable fact. Well, Cuban had no reservations eviscerating Skip, reminding him that no one cares what he has to say, ever. This was brutal. I’d tell you more, but you just have to watch the video.


And then, because Mark Cuban is all about fairness, he lit into Stephen A. Smith.


There’s really nothing to say here other than Cuban landed at least 14 knockout blows. Neither Skip nor Stephen A. could compete with Cuban, nor answer his direct questions that required specific factual evidence. While Cuban’s attack may have been overly personal, the First Take regulars probably had this coming for a long time.

h/t Business Insider

Was Mark Cuban a little too cruel to Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless?

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