Video: Rasheed Wallace’s Greatest Moments

With word breaking that Rasheed Wallace is about to officially become a New York Knick, we had to quickly put together this video compilation of some of ‘Sheed’s greatest hits on and off the court.

Simply amazing (especially the clips from “MTV Cribs”):

“Both teams played hard.”

‘Sheed doing, among other things, an impassioned “Carlton.”

Watch ‘Sheed get tossed from a game without saying a word on the next page…

Rasheed gets ejected without saying a word (or does he?):

Rasheed scores for the wrong team:

One of his many “Ball don’t lie!” eruptions:

Watch his classic appearance on “MTV Cribs” on the next page…

Rasheed on “MTV Cribs.” Everything about his performance in this is amazing:

Highlight (and lowlight mix):

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