Video: Ricky Rubio’s Falling Backward Left-Handed Layup

This looks like Goran Dragic just wants to hold Ricky Rubio‘s hand. Ricky, or Rick to friends, skipped past Dragic at the top of the key tonight when he crossed over to his left hand. But Goran wouldn’t let him go, and grabbed Rubio’s right arm before pulling him back to prevent the bucket. The foul spins Ricky towards the other side of the court. Rubio blindly flicks the ball with his left, off-hand into the net and says “Ta Da!”

Does anyone on Phoenix watch film on Ricky Rubio? We’re talking about a PG who is shooting a historically low percentage from the field this season, but also someone who crosses right to left with a basketball the way most people breathe.

Love the Dragon, and that Love screen threw him too, but defending Rubio should be as simple as staying low in the lane, going under every single screen and begging him to shoot. We don’t have a cool nickname or All-Star game though. Dragon does. It might just be that Rubio is so quick, even players prepared to keep him in front of him get lost.

The ‘Wolves won, 110-101, and Rubio had his usual line of 11 dimes and seven points.

What do you think?

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