Video: Warriors Go Small To Beat Rockets For 14th Consecutive Win

The Dubs aren’t messing around. So far they’ve played the NBA’s third easiest schedule, but a 14-game winning-streak and a 19-2 start to the season — the NBA’s best — is the greatest start ever by a rookie head coach. Steve Kerr adroitly trotted out a small lineup down the stretch of Golden State’s 105-93 win over a very good Rockets team, and if they can get past Dallas and Memphis on their upcoming road trip, it’s worth calling them the NBA’s best despite how early in the season we still are.

After subbing in Draymond Green as a specious center last night, the Dubs went on a 17-3 run in the fourth and blew away an overmatched Rockets squad still missing Dwight Howard — who is hoping to return from a knee issue this Saturday.

Green came in for Maurice Speights with nine minutes left in the fourth, and Houston held a 86-83 advantage with a little over six minutes remaining after James Harden stole it from Green for the layup. But after that play, Golden State amped up their league-leading defense — their 94.5 defensive rating is the best in the league, leading No. 2 Houston by 2.5 points per 100 possessions — to go on a 17-3 run that ended with 2:29 remaining and a 100-89 lead as they coasted to the win.

Harrison Barnes had 20 points on a ridiculously efficient 7-for-9 shooting night in the win. That’s the same Barnes who struggled in his second year under former coach, Mark Jackson, and is now playing out of his mind as a starter. Props to Andre Iguodala for being so cool with coming off the bench for the first time in his career, too. Man, it’s hard not to love these guys.

We interrupt this post to give you a Steph shimmy after he knocked down a 3-pointer in the second quarter:

It’s still so early, but all the talk about the Dubs being the best team in the NBA isn’t crazy. It’s premature to give them the Larry O’Brien trophy because of course the defending champs — who defeated the Knicks last night without most of their starters — will have something to say about that. Not only are the Warriors winning, but their 11.2 margin of victory leads the NBA. Kerr’s squad is playing beautiful basketball, with the ball whipping around, teammates cutting and easy baskets for everyone.

Splash brothers Klay Thompson and Curry combined for 41 points last night (on 16-of-33 shooting) and 11 dimes in the win. Plus, five Warriors hit double-figures.

James Harden played out of his mind with 34 points (14/27), eight rebounds, four assists and four steals, but the Warriors team clinched it in the end.

Much of the credit, though possibly not as much as some are saddling him with so soon in the season, has to given to Kerr, who made a smart decision to break out his small-ball lineup at the right time. Even though Mo Speights has been playing exceptional — and he was playing incredible when Andrew Bogut was healthy, too — it paid off, as the final result shows.

They’re the toast of the NBA and are tops in a very difficult Western Conference, but Golden State’s upcoming three-game road trip in Dallas, New Orleans and Memphis before returning home to face a healthy Thunder team, will go a long way towards showing just how good they are.

Will the Warriors get the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.

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