Video Surfaces Of Tracy McGrady & The Most Notorious Dunk Ever

08.10.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

One dunk that changed the lives of two young basketball players. Tracy McGrady‘s windmill over James Felton at the 1996 ABCD camp might be the most infamous dunk of all-time, simply because for so long, it seemed there was no video of it, and the stories – such as Lamar Odom calling it one of the greatest moments in his basketball life – took it to mythical status. You need to only watch the first five seconds of this video to find it. Is that dunk 100 percent the right one? Apparently it is.

Just a week ago, I put together a list of T-Mac’s top 10 dunks, and mentioned this one. I had never seen video of it, despite searching for basically a decade (if not more). Then ironically, I was casually surfing YouTube earlier this week when I found this. I couldn’t believe it, and the timing couldn’t be any weirder. I asked the dude who made this video, and he confirmed this indeed was the dunk I was looking for. Still, how exactly did he find it? Where did it come from? But most of all, are we 100 percent absolutely certain this is it? It looks like McGrady. He even gathers like him. The dunk is exactly as it’s described, and you can see the crowd freaking out just as the video cuts off. And it does appear to be at ABCD. So for now, everything checks out.

What do you think? Is this the most infamous dunk ever?

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