Video: The Return Of D Rose – Episode 5 “Drive”

Derrick Rose, for all that he has accomplished, still feels like he has more to prove. “I can’t brag about anything,” he says in the latest release in adidas‘ video series, The Return Of D Rose. In terms of winning championships, no, he hasn’t won anything yet. But in everything else? He’s an inspiration to millions of people because of where he came from and what he’s going through now.

In this new episode, titled “Drive,” Rose talks about his past, what’s driving him now (a ring), and we get one of our first glimpses since the injury of Rose doing basketball drills.

You can join in on the conversation and see your tweets in the next episode by commenting on the adidas Facebook page, and also at adidas on Twitter with the hash tag #TheReturn. You can also check out the full transcript below.

The Return of D Rose Episode 5: “Drive” Transcript

Derrick Rose, point guard, Chicago Bulls

Going through what I went through as a kid all I’m trying to do now is just trying to better myself as a person.

I came a long way where in my neighborhood you wasn’t really trying to better yourself you just trying to survive.

When I was hoopin’ I didn’t think about nothing else but winning the game. Whatever I had going on at the crib or any problems I had that was my leeway.

When I was growing up my thing was just changing my mom’s lifestyle. She’s my mom, my father; I can talk to her about anything. She’s like my friend. Our relationship is definitely strong.

Its family first no matter what’s going on, the people that’s going to be with you til’ the end is your family.
From looking at me you will never know what I went through because I don’t want you to know. As bad as it was I got through it and that’s why I am the person I am today.

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