Video: Tracy McGrady Drops an Opponent With an Elbow

12.10.12 6 years ago

Somehow, after falling out of basketball’s collective conscience while he was playing out the string of his career right in front of us in the NBA, the interest and drama surrounding Tracy McGrady since he moved to China has been intense. Highlights of him unleashing vintage dunks on the CBA or being mobbed like some new age Beatles upon his arrival have elicited major response from our readers, as will this video I am sure.

We covered it in Smack this morning, but it deserves its own look: An opponent gives T-Mac the old finger wave running back down the court after hitting a three in Tracy’s face. McGrady responds with an elbow to the chest that sends the dude flying:

Tracy wasn’t booted from the game, but we will do some digging to find out what precipitated the initial taunting and what, if anything, will happen to McGrady.

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