Video: Utah Jazz Bear Mascot Dances With Referee

01.14.14 4 years ago
Utah Jazz Bear

Utah Jazz Bear (Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports)

By now, most of you should be aware of Utah’s incongruent (at least to Utah) mascot, the Jazz Bear, who once antagonized an inebriated Rockets fan enough to get him expelled from the game in a hazy shround of beer fumes. Last night, during Utah’s surprising 118-103 victory over the visiting Nuggets, referee Mark Ayotte played right into the hands — literally — of the irascible Jazz mascot.

Ayotte started dancing with the mascot with a little less than half of the fourth quarter to go.

But as you can see, the ref wasn’t ready for the rump-shaking dance moves of the Jazz mascot. After he signaled he had enough, the Jazz Bear wouldn’t take no for an answer, and swiveled the refs hips for him.

Mascots are great, and the Jazz Bear, is one of our favorites.

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