Video: Greivis Vasquez No-Look Dime For James Johnson Power Smash

The Bulls won last night, but their Bench Mob struggled against Toronto’s second string. No one on the Toronto side played as well as former Bulls player James Johnson, who was 7-of-9 from the field for 16 points including a power slam after Greivis Vasquez whipped a pretty no-look dish to him following a Bulls turnover.

Vasquez can only really lumber up the court like his legs have weights on them, but he’s so long he can see over any and all traditional point guards. Except, he was lightening quick on this pass to Johnson:

We’re not sure it’s a real no-look, or if Vasquez looked away after flicking it to James, but as Lance Stephenson recently told Zach Lowe about the ‘fake no-look’ where you look away after the pass, “Oh yeah, that counts. That’s a no-look. Definitely.” So I guess this is a no-look — at least to Stephenson.

Was it a no-look pass by Vasquez?

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