Video: Watch Comedian Kevin Hart Block Kyle Lowry

Standup comedian Kevin Hart measures in at just 5-4 — a scant inch taller than Muggsy Bogues. The Toronto Raptors starting point guard Kyle Lowry is 6-0, but he’s one of just 30 starting NBA point guards in the world. Hart’s diminutive stature is a big part of his standup routine, and you can tell he’s hamming it up to the onlookers in this video. But then the unthinkable happens…

The 5-4 Hart contests what Lowry is expecting to be a relatively easy layup. But Hart ties Lowry up after he leaves his feet, and gets a pretty clean block.

After the play, Hart talks a little smack then walks off the court, content to savor his moment of glory until the next time he goes against Lowry and gets destroyed.

What do you think about Hart’s block?

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