Vince Carter Believes He Would’ve Beaten Michael Jordan In A Dunk Contest

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Michael Jordan was once considered the greatest dunker in NBA history. That is, until Vince Carter came along and forever altered our view of what’s possible. But as a two-time dunk champion (regardless of the controversial nature of his second win over Dominique Wilkins in his hometown Chicago), His Airness still holds one of the top spots in the pantheon of all-time greatest dunkers.

Carter only participated once, but that was more than enough to leave an indelible mark on the event. Many herald Vinsanity’s iconic 2000 dunk contest showing as the best individual performance ever, and at the height of his powers, it’s difficult to imagine anyone being able to challenge him. Not even Michael Jordan.

The 40-year-old Carter went on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and talked about who would win a game of 1-on-1 between him and MJ right now and whether he think he would’ve beaten Jordan in a dunk contest if they were both in their primes. His answers weren’t all that surprising.

“I like me in the dunk contest,” Carter said. “I can’t step down from that one. Greatest player of all time, though, I give it to Mike.”

Carter also said he would beat MJ 1-of-1 if they played to 10 instead of three, despite what he describes as MJ’s penchant for fouling liberally in those scenarios. But the best part by far – especially for Grizzlies fans and fans of old-man game – was his announcement that he would return and play another season.

We personally want to see him play for as long as he is physically able, and will hold out hope he’ll be dunking until he’s 80.