Watch Vince Wilfork Show Off Some Mad Basketball Skills In This ‘Hard Knocks’ Promo

Vince Wilfork was possibly the least hateable of all New England Patriots for his entire 11-year tenure with them — it was probably his sick barbecue dancing skills or his casual heroism — but after the Pats released him this offseason, the probable future Hall of Fame defensive tackle has caught on with the Houston Texans, who are the subject of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, premiering Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET.

To whet fans’ appetites for the new season, HBO and the NFL have released this wonderful clip of Wilfork shooting some hoops in his backyard basketball court. Wilfork, unsurprisingly, is a hell of a smack talker on the court. A little more surprisingly, Wilfork can ball. He takes a minute to get going, but when he whips a pass from the three-point line to a backdoor cutter, that may be even more impressive than the three-pointer he cans with a hand in his face.

Wilfork’s presence on Houston’s defensive line alongside J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney no doubt excites Texans fans, but his presence on Hard Knocks might be even more valuable for NFL fans in general. He promises to be one of the more fun characters on the Texans this season, and might provide a moment good enough to crack our list of the best in Hard Knocks history.