The Internet Is Having A Good Laugh At The Warriors Hanging A 73-Win Banner

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors spent an entire season being as unbeatable as any team, ever. Their 73 wins in the regular season broke a record by Michael Jordan’s Bulls some thought would never be broken, and it was well-earned with remarkable health and play from a uniquely talented and cohesive roster. Even after all that, they couldn’t close the deal and blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, joining the 2007 New England Patriots as two of the greatest teams of all time to finish without a ring. But at least they can hang a banner, right?

Teams are allowed to hang banners for whatever they please, just like a franchise’s owner can give his organization rings for making the second round of the playoffs if he wanted. But when you win 73 games and ultimately finish in defeat, hanging a banner in your practice facility to commemorate the former achievement just makes it seem like you’re glossing over the latter disappointment. It also, like anything the Warriors have done since June, opened them up to get clowned by Cavs fans … and Dubs haters.

It’s telling that the Dubs put this up in their practice facility rather than hold a ceremony to hang it from the rafters of Oracle Arena, because then they’d feel more pressure to explain why, oh why does it not say 2016 NBA Champions on it?

Banners are for winners, is what we’re saying.