We Simulated Game 4 Of The NBA Finals On NBA 2K17 To See If The Warriors Can Sweep The Cavs

The Golden State Warriors can win their second NBA title in three seasons if they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night after a stunning Game 3 win is responsible for putting them on the brink of NBA history.

Our NBA 2K17 prediction for Game 3 didn’t see Kevin Durant‘s late-game heroics coming. Instead, it predicted the Cavaliers win that most thought was coming as Cleveland built a modest lead with three minutes to play on Wednesday night.

But then the Cavaliers’ offense went cold, Durant shined, and now Cleveland is one game away from getting swept. So let’s see if Golden State finishes Cleveland off with a simulation of Game 4. Can Golden State wrap up a perfect 16-0 postseason with another blowout, or do the Cavaliers extend the series at least one more game?

As always, you can see the full stream on our Facebook page, but let’s get to the highlights from this one and see what happens.

Yet another big game for Stephen Curry here , who had 29 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. Kevin Durant put up another double-double along with Zaza Pachulia, and Draymond Green also played well with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson had another strong game, with 20 points on 3 of 10 shooting from three.

Oh boy. That’s not the kind of numbers you’d expect for a winning team. No Cavalier cracked 20 points, and LeBron only had 17 points, six rebounds and four assists. Kevin Love had nine boards and four assists along with 10 points, and Deron Williams and J.R. Smith each had 13 to offer some depth but that’s not looking great for Cleveland.

And there it is. A 30-point win for Golden State to take Game 4 and end the NBA season once and for all. Kevin Durant gets his first championship, as the Cavaliers simply can’t keep up with Golden State this postseason.

Things are pretty even when it comes to rebounds and assists, but if you’re making a ton of shots you don’t have to out-rebound a team to win.

Cleveland tried a ton of threes from the corners and shot terribly. Just 4 of 17 from the left and right side is pretty rough. They didn’t do much better with their midrange game in front of the hoop—completely cold with the exception of the left side. With that perimeter shooting and only 15 attempts in the restricted area, it’s no wonder they scored just 87 points in Game 4.

Game MVP seems like a formality after we’ve seen the numbers, but let’s take a look just to be sure.

For one final time, it’s Steph Curry. So that’s it. NBA 2K17 says the series and this season will come to an end on Friday night. It’s been wrong before, but at this point it’s tough to bet against the simulation and the relentless Warriors.