Mark Cuban Will Make A Bundle Of Money If The Sharks And Warriors Both Win Titles

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The Dallas Mavericks won’t win the 2016 NBA Finals, but that won’t stop Mark Cuban from securing a personal victory.

Cuban, a billionaire who made his fortune during the dot-com boom, could be in for a nice pay day if the San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors both win their respective championships. The Mavs owner secured a nifty little trademark that could profit him quite a bit of money.

If both the Warriors and Sharks win championships this month, Cuban stands to profit because he holds the trademark for the “City of Champions” T-shirts that are routinely sold in cities that can claim two or more reigning champions in North America’s four major team sports.

“If the Mavs don’t win, at least there is always a chance for a win in there somewhere for me,” Cuban told ESPN.com Wednesday.

With the Sharks down 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals, the odds aren’t in Cuban’s favor.


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