Steph Curry, Kevin Durant And Draymond Green All Saw Their ‘NBA 2K19’ Ratings Drop


The Golden State Warriors are still the favorites to three-peat as NBA champions this spring, but the process of getting to the postseason has been the most drama-filled of their modern dynasty.

Golden State has struggled with injuries to basically every member of its Death Lineup, with Steph Curry and Draymond Green both missing time with injuries. And then there’s Kevin Durant’s ongoing narrative, mostly about where he might head in free agency this summer. That’s caused a lot of noise around the franchise, and a bit of an on-court problem between he and Green.

And since the digital world mirrors real life, it’s probably not a surprise that the latest NBA 2K19 rating reflects a dip for three of the Warriors’ best players. Durant, Curry and Green all lost a point on their 2K ratings according to BallisLife.

Durant still has a 96 overall rating, Curry has a 95 and Green has an 85, all of which are still outstanding. And losing a point or two in-season is something that happens, especially when a team is not firing on all cylinders. So it’s probably much ado about nothing here.

The not-so-secret weapon the Warriors have yet to use is DeMarcus Cousins, who signed with Golden State this summer and is in the process of recovering from an achilles injury. His return looks ever nearer, but until then Golden State has struggled, both on the court and with interpersonal issues. And it’s officially made an impact on the digital world now, too.