Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Called His Team ‘Soft’ Following A Third Straight Loss

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards
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When you’ve lost three games in a row like the Washington Wizards have, identifying problems can be easy. It’s the actual turnaround and execution that’s more difficult.

So how do the Wizards get, um, hard? Because head coach Randy Wittman is adamant this team lacks a defensive edge.

“We’re just too soft of a team right now,” Wittman said. “I might as well stick four guards and a center out there and play, because we’re getting beat on the boards with my supposed big men out there. We let teams take it to us the last three games.”

Wittman’s not wrong. Washington is ranked 23rd in points allowed per possession, according to NBA.com.

“You score 100 points in this league, you think you can win those games,” John Wall added. “But if you’re giving up almost 130, you have no chance.”

On average, Washington’s getting outscored 102.3 to 110.4, just over eight points per game. But Wall’s point remains. If you’re scoring 102 points per game—11th best in the NBA—you’re putting yourself offensively in a position to win. Giving up 110 points a game is completely unacceptable. The lowest point total Washington has given up in a loss this year is 114 to the Hawks.

The amazing thing is Washington was a stingy defense last year, rating fifth in points allowed per possession. How quickly things can change. The good thing then, is it can change for the better, too.

(Via the New York Times)