Steph Curry’s Magical Dribbling Warm-Up Looks Even Sweeter Animated

We first gushed over Steph Curry’s dribbling routines as the Warriors increased profile gave fans an inside look at his pre-game godliness.

Then, for giggles, we ranked the best dribbling ambassadors in NBA history, giving special spotlight to those dribbling warlocks who came before Curry and motivated his continuing handle.

And that place, lest we forget, is at the gravesite of Chris Paul’s ankles.

To complete the Steph praise circle, someone created a YouTube short of Steph’s now historic warm-up number. This is to remind everyone how challenging and graceful it is to control two live basketballs, while remaining poised with head up and knees bent. Junior high school coaches are drawing up drills to this as we speak.

But because you’ll only dream of being this good a ball-handler, just soak in what you can from the cartoon above.

(Via NBA)