Watch Toronto’s Terrence Ross Travel While Trying To Perform An In-Game Windmill

At least it’s preseason. Still, this was pretty bad. Toronto’s one-time shooting guard and current small forward (small ball!), Terrence Ross, had a wide open court after sniffing out a Jamal Crawford pass near midcourt during Sunday’s preseason game between the Raptors and Clippers. But he was almost too comfortable when he saw clear hardwood in front of him.

After intercepting Crawford’s pass, T-Ross takes a dribble as he lines the rim up for one of his explosive jams. Except, perhaps forgetting for a moment he was in an actual game, Ross cradles the ball in both hands before dribbling it one more time as he coasts in for the gorgeous windmill jam.

Even in the NBA, that’s a double-dribble. Jamal Crawford was already complaining to the referee trailing the play while Ross was still airborne. If the double-dribble traveling call hadn’t been made, it would perhaps rival one of the worst no-calls in NBA history.

Instead, it’s just proof that even on breakaways, when a player takes an extra step, or bobbles a dribble, NBA refs don’t always swallow their whistles. Ross was trying to charm the crowd after a long NBA layoff. So we commend him for his effort to entertain. But he needs to get the footwork down if he’s going to throw a windmill down in the game.

(H/T reddit)