We Reminisce: Michael Jordan Drops 50 In Consecutive Playoff Games

You’re Cleveland.

It’s May 1, 1988. Your city hasn’t won a pro sports title in 40 years. It’s been a decent season, finishing 42-40, eight games behind the team you’re about to meet in the playoffs’ first round: Chicago. Your reward is a date with league MVP Michael Jordan.

You don’t know it yet, but you’re about to be an answer to a trivia question and another chapter the city’s heartbreak by the lake.

Your first game in Chicago you got punched in the mouth by Jordan, who scores 50 on April 28 in a 104-93 Bulls win. He’s 19-of-35 from the field and 12-of-12 from the line.

Apparently the punch lingered days later. It’s May Day, and you’re about to signal mayday.

On May 1, Jordan drops 55 in a 106-101 win. It’s the first, and still only, time a player has scored 50 or more points in consecutive playoff games. Jordan shoots an absurd 45 attempts, making 24, without attempting a three. He also has six boards, three assists and four steals — and one turnover.

They were the second and third of Jordan’s eight 50-point playoff games in his career (since 1986, there have been 19 total).

You’re down 2-0, but fight back to 2-2 before losing Game 5 in Chicago. You fight back valiantly but in the end, you know it’s in vain. The only thing that will stick in fans’ memories from this series is Jordan’s double 50s.

Can anyone match this this season?

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