Welcome To The KobeSystem

We knew this would happen. Despite concerns that he was too old or too beat up to still compete at his usual level, Kobe Bryant has once again shoved monster game after monster game in all of our doubting faces this season. Dude’s been bananas lately.

So, it’s only natural with as much success as Kobe’s had during his career that a likely progression would be to share his secrets to success with others. Other successful people that is. Enter the #KobeSystem.

Coinciding with the launch of the Kobe VII’s “Attack Fast, Attack Strong” system, Nike and Bryant have launched a campaign aimed at helping those who you may think need advice the least. People like Richard Branson, Landon Donovan, Jerry Rice, Tony Robbins, Aziz Ansari and Kanye West. The #KobeSystem is “Success for the Successful,” and Kobe is leading the charge. And it’s more than just a seminar in change; it’s a lifestyle.

This from Nike on the project: “It’s fun to work with a group of very successful people and teach them how to reach new levels of success by using the #KobeSystem,” said Bryant. “I’m teaching them how to go from the top, to over the top and I can honestly say I never expected to have this new career as a motivational leader.”

As for the sneaker, players can switch out the insole cushioning and ankle support to fit their style of play, either ‘Fast’ or ‘Strong.’ It’s what separates the Kobe VII System Supreme, giving players the versatility of adapting their footwear to meet the changing needs of their game. Although, we doubt whichever ‘Attack’ you rock with will get you anywhere but more buckets.

All week, Nike has teased the #KobeSystem with testimonial trailers from some of its famous clientele. And today, their main spot drops with help from director Jody Hill (Eastbound & Down) and Wieden + Kennedy.

Now we’ll see if Kobe can continue to tear up the L when the Lakers take on the Clippers tonight in L.A. That is unless the #BlakeSystem has other plans in mind…

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