LeBron James Might Start At Center Tonight; Will This Work?

Here are a few facts. Mike Miller is 9-for-10 from beyond the arc in the NBA Finals and hasn’t missed a shot in a week. Udonis Haslem is shooting under 43 percent, and is giving the Heat virtually nothing in 14.3 minutes a night against San Antonio… while Miami is struggling to matchup, letting Danny Green and Gary Neal set the nets on fire from deep. Then there’s LeBron James, who told us before the Finals he was 50 times better than he was in 2007. Through three games, he hasn’t scored 20 points once and is shooting below 39 percent. Game 4 is do-or-die time for the Heat. Erik Spoelstra must have something up his sleeve, right?

Turns out he does. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that Mike Miller could be starting tonight, which would mean he’d most likely be taking Haslem’s spot.

Offensively, it would open up more driving lanes and increase spacing on the offensive end. LeBron will breakout at some point, but this could be the move that gets Dwyane Wade going. However, on the other end? Eh, there would be some serious problems.

If that happens, LeBron may be forced to play as the team’s defensive foundation in the paint, often checking Duncan while Chris Bosh defends Tiago Splitter. Haslem, even though he was as useful as a stone pillar on offense, was holding the Big Swim to 13.7 points and sub-40 percent shooting. Who knows if LeBron can handle it? While there’s potential for ‘Bron to get into foul trouble, there’s also the chance Miller gets exposed defensively.

This would be radical, even for Spoelstra’s tastes. But Windhorst reports that no matter what, there will be changes in Miami’s rotation tonight.

What do you think?

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