Which Steph-To-Iggy Connection Was Better?

Dubs PG Stephen Curry is normally noted as a scorer, or a gunslinger or a sharpshooter (it’s surprising more NRA members aren’t NBA fans). Those monikers fit because Steph’s got one of the prettiest strokes in the game. But Curry can facilitate when guys hedge towards his rapid release, which is why he was sixth in the NBA in assists per game this season, serving up a career-high 8.5 a night. Steph dished for another 15 dimes in Game 3 against the visiting Clippers Thursday night while connecting with Andre Iguodala for a pair of beautiful jams. But which one was better?

There’s the bounce pass to Iguodala on the fast break, which he cocked sideways to avoid the oncoming Matt Barnes, before flushing it down plus the foul.

Then there’s this fun alley-oop Steph tosses from beyond mid-court. Bonus points because we didn’t know the 30-year-old Iggy could still get up this high.

Which Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala connection was better?

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