Ignoring Summer League, Roy Hibbert Is Training With Tim Duncan

The Drew League and the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am represent just a fraction of the various pick-up games and Pro-Am’s available to NBA players throughout the summer. But for the Pacers’ big man, Roy Hibbert, it’s time to go down to San Antonio to work with his mentor, Tim Duncan.

Back in July, Hibbert told Pacers.com’s Scott Agness he’d be going down to San Antonio to train with his friend, and off-season guru, Tim Duncan. TD has invited other young big men down to his home to train, but this is Hibbert’s second year coming back.

Hibbert took to his Twitter feed on Monday to explain why he trains with the Spurs’ ageless wonder on the block, and why he neglects to make the rounds at summer leagues and Pro-Am tournaments like so many of his NBA brethren. If he sounds a lot like Tim Duncan or Gregg Popovich — if either had a Twitter account — that’s probably by design. We’re sure those two old and craggy basketball lifers are chewing his ear off about how stupid it is to play in a summer league as an NBA player.



Agness tells us that Hibbert even brought his own strength coach, Mike Robertson, with him to San Antonio.

Hibbert has been working hard this summer in an attempt to return to the Eastern Conference Finals and advance to the Finals. He almost faced off against his summer mentor last season before falling to the Heat in game 7.

Hibbert’s work with the the Spurs and Tim Duncan has already paid dividends: the big fella has become one of the best low-post defender’s in the league, and has drastically improved as an offensive player with a more diverse collection of back-to-the basket moves than a lot of centers — including a pretty left-handed hook. It’s no surprise since Duncan is involved, and we can’t help but wonder if Duncan doesn’t get his due as a guide like Hakeem Olajuwon does.

We’d wake up at any time to bask in Tim Duncan’s wisdom, too.

It seems Hibbert can’t even avoid a workout on his day’s off, so he might as well bust his ass among the dynastic Spurs. Winning is contagious.

[Pacers.com; h/t PBT]

Do you agree with what Hibbert said about summer league play?

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