Who Should You Draft In Fantasy: LeBron James Or Kevin Durant?

10.07.13 5 years ago 2 Comments
Hopefully, you’re ready with cheat sheets, rankings and tips for your annual fantasy basketball draft party. If it hasn’t happened already, just know it’s coming. In the coming week, we’ll be breaking down and debating key matchups so when the time comes to choose, you’ll know where to go.

First up is the debate over the best fantasy player in the game. Is it LeBron or KD? We argue. You decide.

*based on head-to-head format*

*** *** ***

When it comes to the head-to-head format in fantasy basketball, it’s not always about selecting the player whose going to contribute in virtually every category. In H2H leagues, it’s perfectly fine to “punt” categories, or build your team around specific strengths. Kevin Durant is flat out built for roto leagues because of his incredible percentages on the line and from the field, as well as his contribution on the defensive end of the court. But in H2H, LeBron James cannot be matched in the fantasy world. The beauty of “The King” is quite simple. Not only is LeBron a threat to lead the league in scoring every season, but he can also be considered a top tier point guard. Having a player with small forward/power forward eligibility who gives you between 7-9 assists per night puts your team light years ahead of others. LeBron was the only forward within the top 12 assists leaders last season.

Many fantasy managers love three-point shooters and LeBron doesn’t disappoint too much there. We all know LeBron is not known as a three-point sharpshooter, but last season he averaged 1.4 threes per game on 40.6 percent shooting. That’s a career-high, showcasing his growth in efficiency as he becomes more of a veteran every year. Not only is he coming off a career year in three-point shooting, but last season marked his best year shooting the basketball, hitting nearly 57 percent of his shots from the field. That’s an ungodly percentage for a player who flies around the court as much as him.

Yes, James has his struggles from the free throw line, so that percentage will be impacted, but who really cares about that? He may have some off shooting nights from the field, but again, don’t worry too much about percentages. It’s a very difficult stat to judge on a nightly basis due to it’s inconsistency for all players. If you have the luxury of owning a player whose a triple-double threat on a nightly basis, that chances of you edging a victory in H2H grows immensely. Let’s just face, LeBron is the “king” of those type of players (no pun intended) and it’s impossible to ignore what he brings to the table.

Including every player in fantasy basketball with small forward eligibility, LeBron was second behind only Josh Smith in rebounds, averaging 8.0 per game, fourth in steals and sixth in blocks. Need I say more? Look, nobody is calling you crazy if Durant’s your number one pick. But LeBron will set your team apart from the rest and you’re going to see it fast. If you’re lucky enough to be rewarded with the number one pick, enjoy having Carmelo Anthony‘s scoring, Josh Smith’s rebounding, Deron Williams‘ assists and an array of defensive stats to go along with it, wrapped up in an ultimate fantasy ball named LeBron James.

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