Why Kevin Garnett Once Gave Mason Plumlee’s Crab Cakes To Reggie Evans

Kevin Garnett Mason Plumlee
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Some lessons should be learned through personal experience. And still others are better learned thanks to the experience of others. This is one of the latter: if you’re not a veteran, you better not have a crab cake around Kevin Garnett because he will take it and give it to someone else to eat.

Former KG teammate, Mason Plumlee, was on ESPN’s Highly Questionable and told a story about Garnett that’s actually mild compared to other Garnett anecdotes. While still playing with the Nets, Plumlee once got his food on a flight before some other more seasoned guys did, and KG was not exactly thrilled.

Plumlee’s full quote is below:

“Then the older guys came on after. KG didn’t like that I ordered my food before those guys, so he grabbed my crab cake and gave it to Reggie Evans. Then he asked me – well he didn’t ask me – he told me to serve the rest of the team until we were ready to take off. The stewardess got a day off that day. I learned to let the vets eat first.”

Garnett is not a guy you want to upset, but he is someone who will hand out lessons like an angrier Yoda with a cursing problem. He’s here to teach you the right way, even if he has to knock you upside the head with his walking stick to prove his point. And now that he’s out in Minnesota once again (with a shiny new two-year deal), he’s got plenty more knowledge to instill to lots of wide-eyed whippersnappers.

(H/T Pro Basketball Talk)