Wichita State Coach Gregg Marshall Tried To Fight A Ref After Getting Ejected

08.10.16 3 years ago

It may still be summer and Team USA is still doing its thing in Rio, but before you know it, regular season basketball will be here again. For now, the NBA is still on vacation, but certain college teams are already having soccer-style friendly matches to prepare for the season — like Wichita State, one of the best mid-major programs in the country, which traveled to Montreal to take on McGill University. The game may have been completely meaningless, but don’t tell that to Shockers coach Gregg Marshall, who took things very seriously.

Frustrated with a series of officiating blunders, like the scorers failing to tally points for his side three separate times, Marshall started fuming and eventually blew his top at what he perceived to be a soft loose ball foul. He was assessed with a second technical foul and an ejection, and in the grand baseball tradition, said to himself, “I might as well get my money’s worth.”

Marshall claims he had no intention of making physical contact with the referees, but his team clearly was a bit nervous something was going to happen. He even managed to get away from his bigger, stronger players, one of whom said, “He’s a strong old man.” Strong, yes. Mad, even moreso. Jeez, someone tell him it’s not the championship game.

(Via Wichita Eagle)

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