Zach LaVine Is The Ninth Bulls Player To Enter COVID Protocols

As the 2021-22 NBA season enters its third month, any hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic would be less impactful this season than last have been dashed. Many of the games top stars have found themselves in the league’s health and safety protocols early this season, including some who have had difficult battles with the virus that have kept them out longer than just the 10 days required by league rules.

Currently, the Chicago Bulls are dealing with a number of absences due to protocols, as seven players missed Saturday night’s blowout loss to the Heat due to health and safety protocols, including star DeMar DeRozan, and now the Bulls will be without their other star scorer as Zach LaVine entered protocols on Sunday following his 33-point effort in Miami.

Troy Brown will also enter protocols, bringing the team’s total to nine players currently out.

The Bulls situation is the worst of any team in the league in terms of absences and it’s reasonable to wonder if the league, which has been loathe to postpone any games this season due to COVID absences, should consider whether nine players absent is worthy of rescheduling Tuesday’s game against Detroit if some of Chicago’s players don’t test out of protocols in time to play. The current roster, including those added via hardship waivers, features nine players, which is technically enough to play Tuesday.