Zach LaVine Continues To Throw Down Breathtaking Dunks, And These Latest Ones Are Insane

Um, Zach LaVine? My God man, what are you doing? LaVine’s latest show at the Seattle Pro-Am dunk contest was nothing short of spectacular, beginning with this off-the-wall throw down.

LaVine, of course, was the 2015 All-Star Slam Dunk champ, electrifying the crowd of thousands at the Barclays Center with a variety of between-the-leg dunks. He single-handedly brought promise back to the contest after years of less-than, sub-par, kinda blah performances.

Anyway, the off-the-wall dunk at the Seattle Pro-Am was just the beginning for LaVine who followed it up with a few more spectacular slams.

Sure it’s a bit early to call LaVine one of the greatest dunkers of all-time. But rest assured, with time and a few more contests under his belt, he could (should) be right there.

(Vines via Ross Preston, Max Rappaport, Drew Ruiz)