Zach LaVine’s Free Throw Dunk Isn’t Legal, But It Sure Is Fun To Watch

Unfair. That’s what the Minnesota Timberwolves are shaping up to be because of talents like Zach LaVine, drafted out of UCLA last season. LaVine won the dunk contest by doing unspeakably magical things in mid-air. He can ignore rules about where to shoot free throws, for instance, and just take off from the line and bounce himself above the rim for a flush. No prob.

The Seattle Pro-Am league is a showcase for young NBA ballers who have spent time chiseling out new forms and techniques. It’s also a precursor of things to come because players who dominate this elite mix of talent can usually carry their game to a bigger stage. LaVine might just fly to the 2016 playoffs at this rate.

This is his teammate Andrew Wiggins, by the way, just destroying every physics textbook you own.

(Via Ballislife)