Of Course Zach Randolph Still Uses An Old-School Flip Phone

Among the least surprising things we’ve learned this season, and perhaps will ever learn over the course of our lives, is that Zach Randolph still uses a flip phone. Nothing in the history of humankind has ever made more sense.

Does Z-Bo really seem like the type to use an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Could he really be bothered to learn how to post something to Instagram or “like” something on Facebook? Of course not. He’s the sort of person who sticks with what he knows and what feels comfortable to him. And while a Galaxy Note or iPhone 6+ would probably be more physically comfortable given his gargantuan hands, the flip phone is what he’s known for years, so there’s no reason for him to change it.

What’s even more amazing is the timing of this picture. Earlier on Thursday, a few of the Grizzlies responded to the Clippers’ tweet of #didntloseby50. Randolph’s response was by far the best.

“I take it with a grain of salt,” he told Ronald Tillery of The Commercial Appeal. “I ain’t with all that talking and Instagraming and tweeting and bluffing. You got to prove it on the court.”

See? Z-Bo wasn’t being metaphorical. He doesn’t bother with Instagramming and tweeting because his phone is literally incapable of doing those things.

(Commerical Appeal)

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