Zion Williamson Has Some Issues With How Slow He Is In ‘NBA 2K20’

At 285 pounds, Zion Williamson is projected to be the third-heaviest player in the NBA next season behind Boban Marjanovic and Tacko Fall, who is a whole foot taller than the 6’7″ New Orleans Pelicans rookie. Make no mistake, though: Williamson isn’t heavy-footed by any stretch of the imagination.

Williamson was a staple in SportsCenter’s Top 10 during his lone season at Duke because of his hyper-athletic dunks in transition. It’s for that reason, apparently, that Williamson is a little frustrated with his own player ranks in NBA 2K20.

During Williamson’s press conference at Pelicans media day on Monday, he said that he thinks his player should be faster than he is.

Williamson has a 74 rating in the “speed with ball” category, which is notably worse than Carmelo Anthony and on par with Marcus Smart. That being said, his 74 rating is the second-highest among power forwards behind Jemerrio Jones (76). Pascal Siakam is a 68.

Williamson also has the second-highest overall speed among power forwards at 86. Frank Jackson and Williamson are tied for the highest speed rating on the Pelicans, while Lonzo Ball and Jrue Holiday are rated 80 and 73, respectively.

Williamson probably isn’t the only person in the NBA — let alone his team — that isn’t happy with their speed in the game. He should feel a little less slighted than his peers, though, considering the 2K developers made him the best dunker in the game.

Plus, 2K updates their ratings throughout the year, so if Williamson thrives in the open court as many expect him to, he should get a nice boost midway through the season.