A Supercut of Gene Shalit’s MOST DELICIOUS PUNS

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be the Today Show’s film critic for THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS (since 1973), the answer seems to be two-fold. One, look like Chester A. Arthur’s eccentric pocket watch merchant. Two, act as if your every pun is mankind’s greatest achievement. At least, it’s worked for Gene Shalit (fun fact: he’s 85. The upside of looking like a bizarre caricature is that you barely age.). After the jump, I’ve got a supercut with nothing but his best puns, and it is simply delicious.

“Well to me Funny People is passable. …Speaking colonically.”


He’s like a devious imp, whose insatiable appetite for mischief takes the mildest form imaginable.

Groucho Marx once saw Gene Shalit’s hair and eyebrows and asked out loud, “Is this guy f*ckin serious?” True story.

[via Buzzfeed]