Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Twins’ Sequel Is Still Happening, Has Writers Now

The film Twins was released in 1988, when stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were 41- and 44-years old, respectively. Additionally, Eddie Murphy was just 28-years old at the time, and while he wasn’t in the film, he was a rising comedy and action star with unlimited potential. Now, Schwarzenegger, DeVito and Murphy are 65, 67 and 51, respectively, and they’ve each had their fair share of personal relationship drama and controversy smeared across the media, so why wouldn’t they team up to make a sequel to Twins?

It seems that Universal Pictures is hellbent on bringing Triplets to the big screen ASAP, because Book of Mormon star Josh Gad has been hired along with Ryan Dixon to write the screenplay’s treatment, according to Deadline. Murphy will play the long-lost third Benedict brother, while Ivan Reitman will once again direct. Gad’s writing experience is limited to something called Gigi and the new comedy series, 1600 Penn (*cough, That’s My Bush was better, cough*) while Dixon has done… *flips papers around, stares at screen*… nothing.

Regardless, this is big news for Murphy, who continues his comedy acting renaissance that began with the horrible Tower Heist and was celebrated last week at Spike TV’s “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” tribute show. Airing last night, the event honored the guy whose body of work was crushed by an ACME anvil sometime around 1992, and according to Extra, he was all laughs about being miles beyond his prime.

“That’s when you get these sort of things — when you’re retired,” he told “Extra’s” Terri Seymour. “You come out, retired old guy comes out — I remember the old movies and the old days and the old times. That’s what this is!”

Of course, he’s not really retired. Murphy, who attended the Spike TV event with stunning Australian model Paige Butcher, is taking one of his best known film roles and turning it into a television show.

“I’m producing ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ for CBS,” he told us. “Axl Foley’s son is going to be in Beverly Hills kicking up stuff.”

Ugh. As Warming Glow pointed out, Beverly Hills Cop will star Brandon Jackson as Axel Foley’s son, because our society can’t leave well enough alone anymore. But wait, what was that about a girlfriend? Has Murphy finally met a special girl that loves him for who he is, as they’ll settle into a long life of love? You bet he has.