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    Make it rain, son.

After the Avatar trailer dropped yesterday, some sites mentioned that this approx. $300 million film which was touted as being like nothing we’ve ever seen nonetheless looked familiar.  One writer, who saw the full-length teaser in a London theater, even compared it to Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.   A couple of other sites made a particularly amusing comparison:  Delgo,  the worst bomb ever:

 Now that the dust has settled on the weekend’s box office, Delgo (trailer here) has officially locked up the worst opening ever for a film in wide release.  It opened on 2,160 screens, earning $511,920 for a per-screen average of $237 a screen, shattering the previous worst, P2, which had a $937 average.

Movieline did a thorough comparison of both movies (most likely an instance of parallel thinking and boilerplate scripting, although the script for Avatar was written five years earlier).  They also, along with denihilation, provide some side-by-side photo comparisons (some of which are after the jump).

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