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A while back I pointed out that the title of the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, sounds more like the name of a Mars Volta album than a movie title, or anything that makes sense.

Turns out the guy who wrote the script agrees.

"I have no idea,” Paul Haggis admitted when I asked him for the meaning on the Oscar red carpet Sunday. “It’s not my title.”

Sometimes, a star’s lack of words says everything you need to know. So, believe me when I say that Haggis was less-than-enthusiastic about the three-word title that has been attached to his script. When I asked what he thought of it, he just sighed and said: “No comment.” [MTV]

When I asked him what was up with the end of Million Dollar Baby, and why everyone in the movie was saying the British chick won the fight when she clearly would’ve been disqualified for cheating, Haggis said, "I dunno man, I was totally high when I wrote that.  Ditto for Crash.  I’m actually addicted to phone sex and meth ampetamines."  True story. 

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