Box Office: People saw The Last Airbender??

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07.05.10 14 Comments

In a surprise to no one, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse grabbed the top spot at the box office like it was the last piece of cake this weekend, earning $69 million.  That was enough for the third highest Independence Day weekend opening (behind Spider-Man 2 and Transformers), and the seventh highest five-day opening, with $161 million.  Long story short, it’s doing about as well as everyone expected with few surprises either way.

The Last Airbender managed to earn $40.7 million, despite some of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen, and actually outgrossed Prince of Persia‘s four-day star by 50 percent.  I can only hope this increases the possibility that Shyamalan will eventually have to face an angry mob.

Elsewhere, there weren’t too many surprises.  Knight and Day reached $45 million ($70 million worldwide), which doesn’t sound too bad, but it also has a listed production budget (not including marketing) of $117 million.  It’d be nice if the lesson they took from this flop was that maybe making a movie that looks like 10 movies we’ve already seen isn’t the “safe bet” they always thought.  But let’s be serious, the lesson they take will probably be “CAMERON DIAZ’S HEAD SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER ON THE POSTER.  PEOPLE MUST NOT HAVE KNOWN BIG STARS WERE IN THIS MOVIE.”

Film Weekend Per Total
1 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $69,000,000 $15,443 $161,000,000
2 The Last Airbender $40,650,000 $12,827 $57,000,000
3 Toy Story 3 $30,174,000 (-49.1%) $7,491 $289,000,000
4 Grown Ups $18,500,000 (-54.3%) $5,235 $77,082,000
5 Knight & Day $10,200,000 (-49.4%) $3,286 $45,508,000
6 The Karate Kid $8,000,000 (-48.5%) $2,573 $151,523,000
7 The A-Team $3,025,000 (-51.2%) $1,405 $69,116,000
8 Get Him to the Greek $1,185,000 (-62.3%) $1,340 $57,427,000
9 Shrek Forever After $799,000 (-74.2%) $835 $232,182,000
10 Cyrus $770,000 (+155.6%) $10,000 $1,488,000

No Jonah Hex? Huh, must be a misprint or something.

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