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05.27.08 143 Comments

Bestweekever today has a sneak peak at the five rejected screenplays for Indiana Jones 4. The best part is, the brains behind Indy 4 really did go through five drafts before finally settling on the alien/monkey fight/snake rope one.

In a further stranger-than-fiction twist, the Bestweekever parody script I’ve included at left may have wound up as the Terminator 4 script:

[From the Wired article I linked this morning] The Connors (along with all of humanity) are still on their primary mission — to stop Skynet from destroying humans — but amnesia-riddled figure Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington, throws a wrench into the mix.

Then again, it could just be a coincidence. I mean, amnesia, aliens, time travel, multiple personality disorder – if Hollywood is any indication, there really aren’t that many plot devices to choose from.  Next time they should just hire a foreigner.  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Sullen (It Was A Meditation On Feminism The Whole Time) has a nice ring to it.

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