Brett Ratner is a lady-man. Er, lady’s man.

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07.20.10 17 Comments

It’s pretty obvious that any sexy lady would want to get her lady parts fondle bombed by the Rat man.  He’s getting really good at XBox, and every night before she cuts up hot dogs to put in his mac and cheese, his mom tells him he’s a special boy.  Right before he eats, he likes to shout “I’ll do it!” into a toy cell phone.  It’s adorable.  Take it away, Page 6:

One woman just isn’t enough for Brett Ratner. Waiting for a date at Katsuyah in LA, the filmmaker was chatting up four ladies at a table nearby. When his date arrived, Ratner couldn’t keep his attention away from the other girls, leaving his date looking awkward, a spy says. He paid for the women’s tab and offered his phone number in front of his date so they could text-message him when he returns from London. Ratner’s rep did not respond to a request for comment.

God only knows the carnal delights that await a woman who beds down with a man known to live-tweet Jo-Bros concerts.  I imagine it’s like being charged by an angry rhino.  An angry sex rhino.  Anyway, if you boys are looking for pointers, my sources tell me Ratner used his favorite, tried-and-true pick-up line: “Are you gonna finish that?”

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