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06.26.09 29 Comments

Sacha Baron Cohen (still in character, obviously) stopped by the Tonight Show after the L.A. premiere of Brüno (opens July 10th) last night, and you’ll never believe what happened.  He took his clothes off and tried to molest the host.  I know, I was as shocked as you are.  “Outrageous” is the only word that can describe it. (video after the jump).  Meanwhile, CHUD reports that there’s a scene in the movie that’s become even more topical since the death of Michael Jackson:

The sudden death of Michael Jackson could potentially impact the film, since there’s a (very, very funny) scene featuring LaToya Jackson as one of Bruno’s unwitting co-stars in which Michael Jackson jokes are made.

Michael Jackson jokes??!! Not cool, man. When I see this scene the theater, I plan on yelling “TOO FAR!” while coughing up nacho cheese and demanding he “get back to the queer stuff.”

UPDATE: Only a few seconds after I post this and the buzz going around is that the LaToya scene was cut from the version that premiered last night. Which was a very classy, respectful move. (*cough*) PUSSIES! (*cough, cough*). Hoo, air’s dusty today.

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