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04.10.08 274 Comments

A Hollywood insider and avid (belligerent?) FilmDrunkard has informed me that the studio who made the Anaconda sequels is developing a buddy heist movie called Safe Bet, with Gary Busey and Adam West attached.  Now, this sounds very much like an unverified AICN rumor, but… uh, so’s your face.

I’m sure the movie will go straight to DVD if it ever even makes it to production, but I don’t think it’s too much to hope for a trailer at least as good as this one.  It’s an interesting pairing, because real-life Busey is at least as colorful as Adam West’s Family Guy alter ego (funnier, too).

Busey facts of the day: Gary Busey was breast fed until the age of 25 by a mysterious Chinese woman he later killed and ate.  Gary Busey had to remove the batteries in his smoke alarm because it would go off every time he orgasmed.  Later he burned his house down, just to prove a point.   

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