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06.11.09 57 Comments

It shouldn’t take an expert to tell you a guy wearing a wig, fishnets, and a rope tied around his junk didn’t kill himself, but it’s still nice to hear.

The independent forensics expert who examined David Carradine’s body says the actor didn’t commit suicide, and Carradine’s brothers are asking for understanding as Thai authorities investigate.
The family also released a statement from Dr. Michael Baden, who said Carradine’s death wasn’t a suicide. He said further information from Thailand is needed for a final determination.
Keith and Robert Carradine say they’re grateful for the outpouring of support during what they call a “profoundly painful time.” In a statement read Thursday in Los Angeles, they also thanked U.S. and Thai authorities for their work. [AP]

By understanding, I’m guessing they mean the opposite of sending me pictures like this (tisk, tisk, you guys).  It’s hard to tell from these early reports if the examiner’s determination of “not suicide” also extends to “not an autoerotic asphyxiation accident”.  As I’ve previously speculated, based on the idea that people don’t usually dress up to jerk off, it seems more likely that it was an accident, and someone else may have been doing the choking.  But either way, “I came so hard I died” doesn’t seem like the worst way to go.

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