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UPDATE If the CNN video below doesn’t work, I’ve attached the YouTube version after the jump.

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Following Mickey Rourke’s probably kidding call out of Chris Jericho the other night, Larry King had both guys on his show, and you better believe words were exchanged.

JERICHO:  I think his performance is immaculate and he didn’t make any mistakes, but I think he did make a mistake on the red carpet of the SAG Awards when he mentioned Wrestlemania when he called me out, because if he got his wish, I think the ending of the Jericho-Rourke movie would not turn out so well.

ROURKE: […] Perhaps I did put my foot in my mouth.  I got nothin but respect for him.  Would I wrestle him?  Well… if it was up to me… no.  Would I box him in a boxing ring or in a bare knuckle match?  Yeah.

JERICHO: I do respect what you did in the movie blah blah blah I don’t respect you.

And then it sort of goes on like that, Jericho acting pissed, Rourke trying to take the high road.  Jericho later added, “OOOH, BROTHER, YA DONE MESSED UP NOW! CUZ NOW I’M GONNA MESS YOU UP REEEEAL GOOD IN FAKE FIGHTIN’!  THAT’S RIGHT, I’M A GONNA PRETEND PIN THE HECK OUTTA YOU! OOOH YEEEAAHH! AND THEN I’M A GONNA HIGHLIGHT MY HAIR, AND TAKE SOME STEROIDS AND MURDER MY FAMILY!!!  ……What, too soon?

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