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(Hello, shoes on the bed, what were you, born in a barn?)

Clive Owen is one of the few actors in Hollywood who can combine looks with manliness and actual acting talent (the other being of course Channing Tatum), so he should have no trouble getting good roles.  Yet it’s been a couple years since he’s been in anything I cared about seeing, and his latest film doesn’t sound much better.

Patrick Alessandrin (upcoming District 13: Ultimatum) will direct Clive Owen in the action-thriller Protection.
Written by Brandon Noonan, the project is about a twenty-one-year-old daughter of a Mexican judge who’s targeted by mob types (after she sees them kill her father and other family members), and must stay on the run through dodgy places on both sides of the border, while an agent (Owen) tries to protect her and the bad guy is hot on her trail. [ComingSoon]

What, that doesn’t sound lame enough for you?  Well that’s probably because I didn’t include the last line of the source: “Paul Walker was previously attached to play the agent role.”  Ouch.  Come on, Clive, when Zac Efron dropped out of the Footloose remake, you didn’t see Gene Hackman trying to take his place.  Don’t Kate Hudson your career, dude.

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