Colin Farrell Targeted To Play Ozzy

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07.06.10 39 Comments

MTV Films, which brought you such classics as Who’s the Man?, Joe’s Apartment and Dead Man on Campus, and Paramount are currently working on a biopic about the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne. And the studios have targeted their leading man to portray the frontman of Black Sabbath – Colin Farrell. While there’s no word on the rest of the cast as of yet, I like to think that Clark Duke or Patton Oswalt will play Kelly Osbourne.

Ozzy and his wife Sharon have apparently weighed in on their casting preferences as well, not offering suggestions mind you, but instead bitching about who they wouldn’t want to see cast as Ozzy. They say they want a real British actor and not some namby-pamby Yank that doesn’t know anything about growing up on the mean streets of Birmingham. And snorting lines of ants.

Turn down your Matt and Kim album, Pajiba:

There is at least one potential obstacle in the way of making this dream a reality, though. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne both have their own casting choices in mind. Ozzy says “I don’t want a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films. I want someone who knows Birmingham. I’m from Birmingham, and it would be good to get someone from Birmingham to play me.” This seems to ruin Sharon’s plans, since she was in favor of Johnny Depp playing her husband.

Farrell would seem to fit the mold of what the Osbournes are looking for in a Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark kind of way, which means that until this film is made we’ll get to hear even more awesome stories about how much Farrell drinks and scores with hot chicks and answers to nobody for it. What’s that, Colin? You got bombed on Everclear and ended up in a piledriver with Blake Lively? Haha, he’s so charming!

Meanwhile, Ozzy and Sharon could spend the rest of their time talking about who could play their son Jack or their other daughter Aimee, who was ashamed of The Osbournes television show. It’s remarkable that of all the things about her parents and siblings it was a TV show that broke the camel’s back. I would have thought it was this:

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