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10.08.07 68 Comments

For the newbies out there, this is the time of the week when I give shout outs to the people FilmDrunkards who make FilmDrunk a fun place to waste time. Looking for movie news?  Scroll down.  Feeling warm?  Take off your pants.

Well kiddies, it was a bang-up week.  I never thought I’d see the day when we’d reach triple digit comments on three posts, or that we’d ever have 300+ comments on a single post. I’m shocked, appalled, and intrigued; I feel like how you feel when you cut a fart that is truly awful but you can’t stop wafting it towards your own nose because you’re fascinated, and a little proud.

First prize must go to SickSauce, for suggesting Homophobic Turtle as a new character way back on my Hobbit post.   

It just goes to show, the easiest jobs are the ones other people do for you. 


Jacktion! says:
It’s like jumping over Fred Durst, who is dressed as a shark. [I like the imagery]

In Soviet Russia, Durst jumps YOU!! [Solid reference]

chodin says
i once heard that Dan Dierdorf ripped the head off a baby and then drank it’s soul like a beer. [I think Dierdorf drinks everything like beer]

Fek’lhr says
The Mighty Fek’lhr must admit that Steven Seagal was pretty hip and gangsta in that one movie where he was in prison with black guys. [Fek has the best schtick]

Jacktion! says
Chick flicks should have more hardcore sex scenes. Most chicks I know love to have hardcore sex, so it makes sense. They don’t like to have it with me, but… I’ve heard that they like it! [I gave Jacktion! double props because he tries the hardest. It was the exclamation point that made this one.]

Koru says
It’s not very Jesus-like to be down with other people’s pussy. [Koru gives us a female perspective]

chodin says
one time when i was having cyber sex with this chick, i meant to tell her that i was a "rapper", but i misspelled it as "raper". i said, "yo, baby – i’m about to cum over here. i be tha’ best raper in the world" and then for the next hour i just typed, "baby?………baby?" . i hate cyberslutbuttfuck112, she knew what i was trying to say. [yeah, she’s a real prude]

Sicksauce says
"pirated DVDs could spread in Kabul, where those culturally offended could react violently to seeing such a rape scene." Oh, ya think so Kreskin? Last time I checked, culturally offended was the number 3 most popular job in Islamic countries right behind suicide bomber and guy who beheads women for showing their ankles. Fifth most popular job? Dental hygenist. [yeah, the last one helped]

And last but not least, Barry Evans for his suggestion of Rocky IV Skin as a porn title.  Nice work.

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