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05.25.10 71 Comments

In what I hope will usher in a new era of furiously competitive commenting, I present your new Comment of the Week prize.  With a logo beautifully designed by Marc over at Encompus, lovingly screen printed onto kelly green Alstyle shirts (comparable to American Apparel in size and feel), and adequately modeled by WarmingGlow‘s own Matt Ufford, it’s a winning look for this summer’s LAN party and/or awesome-t-shirt-themed society luncheon.  I’ll be selling them as soon as I figure out how to get the logistics of that up and running, but until then, the first owner will be this week’s Comments of the Week winner.  And that winner is… Stone Soup.

From the Japanese God-Jesus Robot, which spawned a Robot Jesus thread:

Stone Soup: Robot Jesus, why is that that during the hardest times in my life, there were only one set of wheel tracks in the sand?

Which narrowly edged out Donkey Hodey:

Donkey Hodey says: Robot Jesus was crucified by Palmtius Pilot.

Close, but no t-shirt:

Stone Soup says: Robot Jesus’s batteries died for your sins.

From Terrence Howard to Play Marvin Gaye:

Chino Moreno says: Too bad Marvin Gaye Sr. isn’t around to shoot this.

From Woody Allen Rushes to Roman Polanski’s Defense:

Danger Guerrero says: Polanski described sex with the 16-year-old as his “cougar phase.”

ChinoMoreno says: Polanski is very specific when it comes to the beer and the age of the girls balancing it. There should never be any Busch on the cooch.

From Guess Which Critic Loved Shrek:

Jacktion! says: I just dangled my keys in front of Pete Hammond’s face and he called it “The feel good experience of the decade!”

From The 80s Bully Supercut and Our Running Joke on Pajiba:

Donkey Hodey:
*points to Pajiba’s blog*
Is that a talking ad on your page?
*Pajiba looks down, Donk pops Pajiba in the nose*
HAHA, Made you look, fag.

From How They Made the Star Wars Text Crawl:

JHC says: When I was little, I was looking at pictures with my Grandma when she was a kid and I asked her what it was like before things were in color.  She just laughed, kissed me on the cheek and knocked my Mom the f*ck out for raising a retard.

Well done, all.  As always, nominate for next week’s shirt in the comments section of this post.  I hope to see at least as much competition in the comments section as if I’d ridden in my bra and panties and shot the shirt into the crowd at a hockey game.

Send me your size and address, Stoney.

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