Comments of the Week: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia edition

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09.13.10 43 Comments

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got three copies of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the Complete Season 5 to give away to the winners today.  It hits stores on Wednesday, and never have I been so tempted to keep a CotW prize for myself.  Episodes include “D.E.N.N.I.S.” and “The Gang Wrestles for the Troops”, featuring commentary from the cast, and if you don’t want this DVD (or Blu-Ray) already, it’s safe to say I don’t like you.

Enough foreplay.  Now, the winners.  Oddly (or fittingly), the top three are all Juggalo-related.

[From New Meme: Loitering Keanu Reeves]  ZeroCharisma says: That’s actually a Juggalo-Baby-Casket-Smoker. That little sh*t is gonna be fork tender in 45 minutes and fatty red sweatshirt has dibs on the rind.

Pauly Dangerously says: Doesn’t that Insane Clown Pussy know that reading isn’t the quickest way to a Juggalette’s hatchet wound?

[From Dispatch from Juggalo Gathering] Moose says: Lake Hepatitis, eh? Did Hepatitis Sea really not cross their minds?

Those were the top three in my mind.  Send me your addresses to collect your DVDs, folks.  And as always, use the comments section of this post to nominate for next week.   Here are some of the honorable mentions:

Chino Moreno says: Since it’s an ICP funeral, I bet there are about a dozen babies crammed in that box.

Dingus says: Can you even imagine how successful Adolf Hitler would’ve been had [Gathering of the Juggalos] been around to show people?

A giant propaganda poster stating: “Behold blond supermen! This is what will become of dancing the Charleston!”

From Joe Montana calls BS on Rudy:

Donkey Hodey says: Man, the ending of the Cosby show would have been so much better if Rudy had been carried off by the Notre Dame football team.

Michelle 07 says: I’m not going to watch the football on account of my vagina, I’ll just assume he finally gets Mr. Frodo in the sack. Mrowl!

Are-we-friends-Jack says: Gary Busey: Look at you, five foot nuthin, a hundred and nuthin, and I will eat your eyes with a spoon because you are a filthy maggot-lover!

I feel like he really captured Gary Busey’s essence there.

From RIP, Bob from Demolition Man/Otho from Beetlejuice:

Mick says: 
They buried him six foot seven foot, eight foot BUNCH! under.

From This guy should’ve hidden his porn somewhere his wife wouldn’t look:

Jirish says: I named my porn folder Logic and Rationality. Never been discovered and it’s sitting on the desktop.

Donkey Hodey says: My porn folder is nickamed “My Hopes and Dreams”. My wife doesn’t give a Fishburne’s ass about that stuff.

Well done, folks.  You keep being funny, and I’ll keep trying to reward you.  Hopefully this week will bring more Juggalo-related stories to inspire you.

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